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June 20, 2020
Hi Byran
Moch (AKA Endor) is doing very well! He is eating and beginning to explore the "new land". I cannot get enough of him!! So far his personality and mine are so so compatible.  I feel so lucky to have found him, thank you SO MUCH for raising such a little love muffin.  I took him for a little ride today to the local Petco.  Kept him in my arms and a new dog carrier.  He did get car sick again on the way back.  Poor little Mochi.  He seems to be doing well otherwise.  I will tell you that I snuck up on him late last night and he was snuggled with his toy that has his "home scent".  Aww, it almost broke my heart!  I have been trying to take him everywhere with me to get him used to strangers.  He is such a doll!  Seriously. I took him to the office with me on Monday and he was so so good there, I can't tell you!  My co-workers are in love.  One of them took him to her desk and posed him for a picture which I have attached.  You can't tell if he is real or not!  Haha.   I cannot tell you how much of a dream he is.  He is seriously the best dog in the world.  We have started training him a bit.  He can already sit, come and stay (for a little while).  So far so good (fingers crossed).  He is so puppy pad trained it's insane!  
(THANK YOU FOR THAT!) He is to die for.  I know how hard it was for you to give him up.  I want to thank you so much for that.  I will keep you posted with every little tidbit of news, photos, and videos of him, and maybe a little play date too!! 
Thanks again for everything.  I will be checking your website daily to keep up with all of Mochi's relatives and family!  Hee hee. 


Feb 20, 2021

Puppy's Name:Jack
Location / Maryland
Names:  Amanda A
"From the very start I could tell that your main goal was to raise good Bulldogs and ensure they went to good and loving homes. I could tell this wasn’t just a business to you, but that you genuinely loved and cared for every single puppy you had. That helped me to know I was dealing with the right person. I didn’t want someone who merely was wanting to make money for puppies. From beginning to end the process was extremely smooth and free of stress. It truly was a blessing to work with you on finding our puppy and bringing him home. We love him so much and are so thankful he’s a part of our family."

My only regret about this process was that I didn’t do it sooner with Premium bulldogs farm. They delivered on all promises. I was really impressed with their communication and follow-up. I’ve already recommended them to others

Derry Robert. CA

Puppy's Name: Locus

Location / Phoenix/Arizona

Names: Annia 
Cooper is going great! He trained fast but is still a little mischievous. Lol. We thought the whole process of buying him and having him shipped went very easy. I recommended a friend to you who is looking to buy a Frenchie.

Hello Jamie, Thought I’d send you a quick picture of Mario and tell you how we love this dog, my husband and I are more in love because of Mario. I take him to classes and he is so smart! I will send you pictures of our self’s next month when we shall have a family come together.


Branda S. Brown
Allentown, PA 18103

                    James and Samantha


Jamie is amazing and so caring. We bought our Daisy who is a full breed Frenchie at 9 months old and she has a beautiful disposition and loves other dogs and people in general. I highly recommend Premium bulldogs farm

James & Samantha 
New Jersey  

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